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Trusted Electronic Components

Design Build Components in Reading, Pennsylvania, is proud to carry a vast selection of electronic components and kits to help with your automation process. The brands we carry were chosen because of their high quality. The companies we have chosen are mostly international businesses, and we have become a distributor throughout the United States. Each company fits an area of the industrial automation market, which is a field with a range of different components. Each company covers various aspects, and we make sure you get the part you need.


Convenient & Ready-to-Ship

Any electronic components you order ship from our warehouse or from a third-party warehouse. Most parts are stored in house, and our turnaround time is usually under a week. You're sure to love the quality, the competitive prices, and the great value. Many of our components include a warranty, though this varies depending on the manufacturer. With us, you'll find everything you need, and we'll create component kits from multiple products. You don't have to break things up; we'll send you a kit with all of the parts you need included.


• Industrial EN50155 Switches • Industrial Ethernet Switches • Industrial Managed Switches • Industrial PoE Series • Industrial Center Switches • Cable Glands • Metal Enclosures and Cabinets • Disconnect Switches • Rotary Cam Switches • Power Supplies • AC Outlet Modules • Flexible Cables • Industrial AC Variable Speed Drives • Industrial Panel PC Products


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